At Brain Trust we function as your very own CIO, specially trained to handle the unique technology and market needs of your business. We can help your business be more profitable, eliminate downtime, increase security and improve return on your technology investments by bringing you the right solutions for you business.

Here are a few examples of what we offer your business:

Mobility – Working on the Go

Today, productivity in and out of the office is imperative to keeping your small business running efficiently and gaining a competitive edge. We know how to keep your people productive when on the go – and your company assets safe.

Virtualization – Help lower cost, drive agility

Businesses such as yours are concerned with reducing the cost and complexity of their IT infrastructures. Our virtualization solutions help increase system uptime and end-user productivity, enhance protection of corporate data, and simplify IT compliance.

Telephony and VoIP – Lower costs and more options

Let us introduce you to VoIP and its beneficial features such as Unified Messaging – which forwards voice mails to your email so you can retrieve messages from anywhere and forward calls to your home, cell, office and hotel room so you can stay connected no matter where you are.

E-Mail Security and Management – tools to manage a critical tool

Email is a critical business communication tool as well as an easy target for SPAM, viruses, phishing and other malware. But you may be unaware just what the risks are, or that emails are subject to the same legal and compliance requirement as large businesses when it comes to their email records. We can help you maximize your communications and reduce your risks.

Collaboration & Communication

Teams today need fast, agile working environments – and you need to provide them the tools. At Brain Trust we can provide your team the online conferencing, document sharing and collaboration tools that will give your team the competitive edge.

Call Brain Trust today and let us get your company taking advantage of the promise of technology.