Jeffrey Cobado
Jeffrey Cobado is the President and CEO of Brain Trust Technologies. Prior to founding Brain Trust, Jeff worked as U.S. Operations Manager at CDMS Inc., which provides information technology resources and support tools to companies in the agricultural and food industries. In addition, he proved himself as a valuable asset to Eaton Truck Components, starting as a Product Engineer in 1993 and moving his way up to eBusiness Manager in 2000. Jeff holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering and is a proud graduate of Clarkson University located in Upstate New York. He enjoys spending time with his family and learning about new technologies.

Matt McDonough
Matt McDonough is the Chief Technology Officer of Brain Trust Technologies with over 10 years of experience in the information technology and services industry. Before partnering with Jeffrey Cobado to establish Brain Trust Technologies, Matt worked as a Systems Engineer at CDMS Inc., as well as a Systems Analyst for Computer Task Group and Tek Systems. He spent three years as an Infrastructure Engineer at Siena Heights University, where he also earned a bachelor’s of arts in psychology and philosophy.